Thursday, November 23, 2017

Cancellation of original Bank Guarantee

A Bank Guarantee Cancellation letter format for participant of international tender (procurement).

Date: (specify the date)
Ref: (specify reference)

The Manager
Trade Operation Dept.

(specify the bank name & details address)

Attn: Mr./Ms. (specify name)
          Senior Manager, Trade Operations

Sub: Cancellation of original Bank Guarantee dated Feb’26, 2017 for USD. 00,000.00 ( in word) only, A/C: (specify the company name & address) submitted  
         against Lot # 0000000 of bid package no. 0000000, from Bangladesh Rural  
         Electrification Board, under IDA Credit.

Dear Madam

Please be informed that we received subject mentioned Original Bank Guarantee from (specify the purchaser company name), of which was submitted on behalf of (foreign principal {Cables} Company Ltd., China along with their subject bid.

Kindly cancel this Bank Guarantee & re-adjust the same with the account of our (specify the foreign principal {Cables} Company Ltd., China.

Your urgent co-operation in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully
For (specify the your company name)

(specify your name)
(specify your designation)

Encl: Original Bank Guarantee.

CC To: (specify your foreign principal company name)