Friday, May 19, 2017

Ya ba business controller of Bajitpur & Nikly Thana.

Nurul Islam

 Abdul Karim
In Bangladesh YaBa drug is prohibited. It can destroy the backbone of any Nation. Named Nurul Islam, lives in Satuta village of Kishoreganj District of Bajitpur Thana, is well known person of that area. By the villagers we informed that He controls this illegal business in whole Bajitpur & Nikli thana. Most teenagers & younger including students are addicting with this dangerous drugs by them. Named Karim Ali former chairman of Hilochia Union Parishad is the adviser of Nurul Islam & the total team. They doing this illegal business of YaBa from long time behind the police. They distribute the drug among their agent & the agents distribute the drug with their retail seller. We thing, whose are dealing the dangerous drug business, they are the enemy of the Nation & the country.
Attracting police attention to sort out  this problem from the evil people. We want DRUG FREE BANGLADESH. (News collected from Facebook Page,
Named Bajitpur Jubodol)